Do you know Tiên Cookie or Tiên Tiên ?

Vpop in the last few years was very successful and earned many attention from America over Europe until Asia.
Did you know some of the biggest Hits was producing from these girls Tiên Cookie and Tiên Tiên?
I hope Vpop has more of these talented Producers and Songwriters, in future!

Both producers have the same nameTien“. I wonder If they know each other?
Tien Tien (right) got one more talent – she sings her own songs while Tien Cookie (left) is more producing for the Singers but every song is a Hit!
I did not find a song where they work together… maybe in this year 2017?
“Mình Yêu Nhau Đi” producing and songwriting by Tien Cookie
AUDIO 128kbps:
Mình Yêu Nhau Đi (Single) – Bích Phương

“My Everything” producing, songwriting and singing by herself Tien Tien
The Audio M/V of this song earned more than 7 million views! Just a Audio M/V 😀
AUDIO 128kbps:
My Everything – Tiên Tiên


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